It is believed that the classic men's shirt in its perfect performance consists of exactly 34 elements. They say that the modern man reaches the peak of his form by the age of 34. One way or another, the magic of the numbers fully reflects the absolutely new brand "He has 34", the very name which combines the image of a perfect men's shirt and the one who is able to appreciate its worthiness.

Created in 2017, "He has 34" embodies our boundless dedication and uncompromising demanding to ourselves and realizes our special mission - to give every Russian man the opportunity to become an owner of a world-class shirt.

For people obsessed with quality, there are no boundaries, so in our production we have embodied the best world experience by using Egyptian and American cotton, Portuguese fabric, Italian patterns and German equipment. We did all this in order to sew immaculate men's shirts here in Russia. We really have something to be proud of. And that means you will have it too.

Exactly 34 men's shirts will be presented in each collection "He has 34". It is no exaggeration to say that any of them will be special for a buyer - moreover, unique. After all, for each of them, color and shade, type of pattern, degree of fabric processing, weaving, texture, printing or woven pattern, are selected separately. Our shirts are born in an ideal combination of all these elements, therefore, the future owner will have to choose only from the best.

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