13 million
We have sewn more than 13 million men's shirts for 30 years of work. It means that every sixth man in the country might have owned our shirt.
13 million
13 million is the annual need of men's shirts of our category in Russia. We are producing "only" 600 thousand per year, so we still have much to strive for.
5 thousand
At the beginning we were producing 5 thousand men's shirts per month. Today this number has increased by 11 times — only in two weeks we could have supplied with shirts all male population of a medium-sized Russian city.
14 million
For the years of production we have used 14 million meters of textile, which is more than the diameter of the Earth, although we are talking about one single factory. Our factory.
70 cities
You can find the shirts produced by our factory in 70 cities of the country, i.e. in more than a half of Russian cities with the population of more than 100 thousand people.